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Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241 - Autonics Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241
Sensors are the most basic, commonly used components in an automation. Autonics provides a wide variety of sensors including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, and pressure sensors, for maximum user efficiency.

PID type

TCN Series

Economical dual display type PID temperature controllers

TC Series

Economical PID temperature controllers

TK Series

Standard PID temperature controller

TB42 Series

Board type Temperature controller

TM Series

Multi-channel modular type temperature controller

TZN/TZ Series

Dual PID auto tuning controller
High speed type

PMC-2HSP Series

2-Axis High Speed Interpolation Controllers

PMC-HS Series

1,2 Axis high speed programmable motion controller
5-phase micro stepper motor drivers

MD5-HD14-2X/3X Series

Multi-axis 5-phase Micro Stepper Motor Drivers

MD5-HD14 Series

5-Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver

MD5-HF14 Series

5-Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver

MD5-HF28 Series

5-Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
Shaft type

AK Series

Reliable & Economical : High Accuracy, High speed & High Torque
Socket type

SRS1 Series

High reliability SSR products line-ups with dielectric strength of 4,000VAC.
LP-S Series

LP-S070 Series

Highly economical solution for Graphic Panel with PLC function

LP-S044 Series

Highly economical solution for PLC function incorporated touch screen
Remote I/O

ARM Series

Useful for Increasing I/O Ports of PC, PLC & LP (Autonics Logic Panel)

ARD Series

The most cost effective & advanced DeviceNet based digital remote I/O
Magnetic buzzers

B2NB-B1 Series

Ø22/25 Magnetic buzzers(Non-Flush)
Power Controller

SPC1 Series

Power Controller
7 Segment LED Display type

D1SA Series

7 Segment Display Unit

D1SC Series

7 Segment Display Unit
Small size SMPS

SP Series

DIN rail mounting type Switching Power Supply
Multifunctional sensor controllers

PA10 Series

Multifunctional sensor controller
Graphic panel

GP-S057 Series

Graphic Touch Panels

GP-S070 Series

Graphic Touch Panels

GP-S044 Series

38mm Slim design, touch screen, and better reliability Graphic panel GP-S044
Miniature LCD tacho meter

LR5N-B Series

DIN W48×H24mm, Indication only, LCD Pulse Meter(RPM,RPS,Hz)
Multi panel meters

MT4Y/MT4W Series

DIN W72×H36mm, W96×H48mm, digital multi panel meter

M4NN Series

Multiple Input Types for Application in Diverse Environments

MT4N Series

DIN W48×H24mm Small size digital multi panel meter
Tower lights

PTM Series

D56mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Tower Light

PTD Series

D56mm LED Dome Head Tower Light

PLD Series

Replace the 25mm PAE Series! D25mm Slim LED Light Tower

PME Series

D45mm LED Tower Light

MT5C/8C Series

D56/D86mm Bulb Type Tower Light

MT4B/5B/8B Series

D45/D56/D86mm Bulb Type Tower Light

SL Series

D86mm Tower Bulb Revolving Warning Light

MSGS Series

Ratating Beacon Tower with Melody Alarm Incandescent

PTE Series

D56mm Modular Style LED Tower Light
Multi Type

KN-2000W Series

Flexible & Convenient Color-Coded Indicators
Hybrid Type

KRN100 Series

Hybrid Type Paper/Paperless Recorder

KRN50 Series

50mm Compact Hybrid Recorder & Data Logger in One
Switches contact block


Switches contact block

L2RR-L1 Series

Ø22/25 DOME TYPE Pilot lamps
Emergency switches

S2ER-E1 Series

Ø22/25 Head D30L Emergency switches (Non-Flush)

S2ER-E2 Series

Ø22/25 Head D30S Emergency switches (Non-Flush)

S2ER-E3 Series

Ø22/25 Head D40 Emergency switches (Non-Flush)

S2ER-E5 Series

Ø22/25 Head D60 Emergency Switches (Non-Flush)
Short lever

S2SR-S3/5/7 Series

Ø22/25 Short lever selector switches (Non-Flush)

S3SF-S3/5/7 Series

Ø30 Short lever selector switches (Flush)
Push button switches

S2PR-P1 Series

Ø22/25 Push button switches (Non-Flush)

S3PF-P1 Series

Ø30 Push button switches (Flush)

S3PR-P1 Series

Ø30 Push button switches (Non-Flush)
Sensor Connector

CNE Series

Save work time by 50% in Sensor Wiring Installation
I/O Cable

CJ Series

Connector transmission cable CJ Series with various product line-ups and high compatibility

AFL/AFR Series

Convenient for wiring work with slim design

AFS Series

Ideal for connector type PLC and dedicated controllers
Data Loggers
No data.
Digital Power Controller

DPU Series

Digital Power Thyristor Units
Smart Type

KT-502H Series

HART-Protocol Temperature Transmitter
Simple Type

TPS20 Series

High Reliability Pressure Transmitters
Insulation Type

CN-6000 Series

Isolated Converter with 3-Color Changeable LCD Display
Digital indicating Controllers

KPN Series

High Performance, High Accuracy Process Controller
Digital timer

LE8N Series

Compact & internal battery type 8 digit LCD Timer

LE365S-41 Series

DIN W48XH48mm Small size, Weekly/Yearly Timer

LE7M-2 Series

W72×H72mm, Weekly/Yearly Timer

LE3S Series

Digital LCD Timer DIN W48×H48mm

LE4S Series

DIN W48×H48mm Digital backlight LCD Timer

FSE Series

DIN W48×H48mm Digital timer
Exact square type

PSAN Series

Connector type digital pressure sensors

PSA Series

Small size, High accuracy pressure control digital pressure sensor
Incremental encoders

ENHP Series

Portable incremental type of Rotary encoder with handle

E40 Series

Diameter Ø40mm Shaft type/Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

E50S Series

Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

E58 Series

Diameter Ø58mm Shaft type/Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

E20S/E20HB Series

Diameter Ø20mm Shaft type/Hollow shaft built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

E50S-C Series

Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder (Connector Type)

E30S Series

Diameter Ø30mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

E40HBP Series

Diameter ø40mm Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

E50SP Series

Diameter ø50mm shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder (Plastic Type)

E60H Series

Diameter Ø60mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

E68S Series

Diameter Ø68mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

E80H Series

Diameter Ø80mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

E100H Series

Diameter Ø100mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

ENA Series

Side-mounting Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder

ENC Series

Incremental measuring wheel type Rotary encoder

ENH Series

Incremental manual handle type Rotary encoder

E18S Series

Diameter ø18mm shaft type of incremental rotary encoder
Connector cable (Socket / Plug type)
No data.
Fiber optic amplifiers

BF5 Series

High Speed & High Resolution Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier

BFC Series

Digital fiber optic amplifier Communication converters

BF4R Series

Highly Reliable & Easy-to-Install Fiber Optic Amplifiers

BF3R Series

High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials

SS-AD Series

Door sensors

ADS-A Series

Auto Door Sensor
Area sensors

BWC Series

Minimizing The Influence From Sunlight / Incandescent Light and Rain / Dust

BW Series

Area Sensor with Long Sensing Distance

BWP Series

Area Sensor with Plastic Case

BWPK Series

Picking Sensor
Micro Photoelectric Sensors

BS5 Series

Micro photo sensor

FXY Series

DIN W72×H36mm of Counter/Timer with indication only

FXS Series

DIN W48×H48mm, Preset Counter/Timer


DIN W72×H72, W48×H96, W144×H72mm Counter/Timer


Programmable counter/timers
Inductive Cylindrical Type

PR Series

Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor

PRA Series

Spatter-resistant Type Proximity Sensor

PRD Series

Long Distance Sensing Proximity Sensors


Long Distance Sensing Spatter-resistant Type Proximity Sensors


Long Distance Cylindrical DC 2-wire Type Inductive Proximity Sensors

PRDCM Series

Long Distance Sensing Connector Type Proximity Sensors

PRCM Series

Cylindrical Connector Type Proximity Sensor

PRW Series

Cylindrical Cable Outgoing Connector Type Proximity Sensor
Cylindrical Connector

PT1/2 Series

Connector for panel mounting(non-flush, flush)
Explosion Proof Type

KT-302H Series

Intelligent HART-Protocol Pressure Transmitters

PTF30 Series

The Most Reliable Pressure Transmission Solution
Inductive Square Type

AS Series

Long Sensing Distance Type Proximity Sensor

PS/PSN Series

Rectangular Type Proximity Sensor

PFI Series

Flat Type Proximity Sensor
Board type

PMC-4B-PCI Series

4- Axis board type programmable motion controller
Absolute encoders

ENP Series

Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

EP58 Series

Diameter Ø58mm Shaft/Hollow Built-in type Absolute Rotary encoder

EP50S Series

Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

EPM50 Series

Absolute type multi-turn rotary encoders
5-phase stepper motor drivers

MD5-ND14 Series

5-Phase Stepper Motor Driver
Piezo buzzers

B2PB-B1D Series

Ø22/25 Piezo buzzers (Non-Flush)
Hollow shaft type

AHK Series

□42mm/□60mm/□85mm Hollow shaft type 5 – Phase Stepper motor
Signal lights

PWE Series

Slim LED Well Mount Signal Light

MS86W Series

Low-head Multi-function indicator Light D86mm LED Steady/Flashing/Rotating Lights

MS86L Series

D86mm LED Steady / Flashing Signal Lights

MS86T Series

Multi-Functional D86mm LED Steady/Flashing/Ratating Signal Light

MS86M Series

LED Multi Color D86mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Strobe Lights

MS86S Series

D86mm Xenon lamp Strobe Lights

MS115S Series

D115mm Xenon lamp Signal Lights

MS115T Series

Multi-Functional D115mm LED Steady/Flashing/Ratating Signal Light

MS115M Series

LED Multi Color D115mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Strobe Lights

MS115C Series

D115mm LED Only Flashing Signal Lights

MS115L Series

D115mm LED Steady/Flashing Signal Lights

ML Series

D66mm Bulb Revolving Warning Signal Light

ASG/APG Series

D86mm Bulb Revolving Warning Signal Light

AVG Series

D135mm Large Revolving Warning Signal Light
Select switch type
No data.
Fiber optic cables

FD/FT/GD/GT Series

Top/Side/Flat/Top-Side View Modes for Various Sensing Directions
Bar-Graph Type

KN-1000B Series

Digital Indicator with Bar Graph Display
Switch boxes

SA-SB/TB Series

Switches boxes
Emergency switches (Illuminated)

S2ER-E4 Series

Ø22/25 Head D40 Emergency switches (Illuminated Non-Flush)
Door side sensors

ADS-SE Series

Door Side Sensor

ACS Series

No jumper bars required due to built-in PCB common
Amplifier built-in type

BTS Series

Reliable Performance Packed in an Ultra-Compact Body

BTF Series

Realizing ultra slim size and reliable sensing performance

BA2M Series

Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance

BJ Series

Compact and Long Distance Sensing Type Photoelectric Sensor

BY Series

Small Emitter/Receiver Synchronizing Type

BYD Series

Small Diffuse Reflective and Convergent Reflective Type Photoelectric Sensor

BPS Series

Slim Photoelectric Sensor for Long Sensing Distance

BM Series

Small and Light, Common Type Photoelectric Sensor

BMS Series

High Speed Response Type with Built-in Output Protection Circuit
Push button switches (Illuminated)

S2PR-P3 Series

Push button switches (Illuminated / Non-Flush)

S3PF-P3 Series

Ø30 Push button switches (Illuminated / Non-Flush)
Long lever

S2SR-S4/6/8 Series

Ø22/25 Long lever selector switches (Non-Flush)

S3SF-S4/6/8 Series

Ø30 Long lever selector switches (Flush)

L2RR-L2 Series

Ø22/25 HORN TYPE Pilot lamps

SPA Series

Switching Power Supply with minimized noise and ripple
Communication Converter

SCM-US48I Series

Serial Converter Module(USB ↔ Serial)

SCM-38I Series

Serial Converter Module(RS232C↔RS485 convertable)

SCM-US Series

Serial Communication converter(USB↔Serial)
Miniature panel meters

M4N Series

DIN W48×H24mm Small size digital panel meter
Rectangular type

PSB Series

Small size, High accuracy pressure control digital pressure sensor
Miniature LCD counters

LA8N Series

Compact & internal battery type 8 digit LCD Counter
Sensor controllers

PA-12 Series

Sensor controller
Connector cable (Socket-Plug / Plug-Plug type)
No data.
Pulse meter

MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W/MP5M Series

Pulse(Rate) Meter
16 Segment LED Display type

D1AA Series

16 Segment Display Unit
Analog timer

ATS Series

Wide range of power supply options & set up time all in a slim design

ATN Series

DIN W48×H48mm, Universal voltage Multi-function Timer


DIN W48×H48mm Solid-State, Power OFF Delay TIMER

AT8SDN Series

DIN W48×H48mm Star-Delta Timer

ATE Series

DIN W48×H48mm Solid State ON Delay Timer
Slim detachable heatsink type

SRC1 Series

Highly Reliable Slim Detachable Heatsink Type SSR with 4,000 Dielectric Strength
Double push button switches

S2TR-P3 Series

Ø22/25 Push button switches (Non-Flush)
Sensor Connector

AFE Series

Easy wiring works using sensor connectors (CNE Series)
Brake built-in type

AK-B Series

□60mm Brake built-in type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor
Power supply built-in type

BX Series

Terminal Type Photoelectric Sensor for Long Distance

BEN Series

Compact, Universal Voltage Type with Built-in Amplifier

FS Series

DIN W48×H48mm 8Pin plug Counter

F/L Series

DIN W72×H72, W144×H72mm of 8 Digit Up/Down counter
Capacitive Type

CR Series

Electric Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor
Panel mounting type

D5Y Series

Display unit Indication type only

D5W Series

Display unit Indication type only
Detachable heatsink type

SR1 Series

Detachable Heatsink Type SSR with Slim, Universal Design and Dielectric Strength of 4,000VAC
Emergency switch nameplates

SA-NS/NL Series

Emergency switches nameplates
2-phase micro stepper motor drivers

MD2U-MD20 Series

2-Phase Micro Stepper Driver
flexible coupling

ERB Series

Flexible coupling
Graphic panel meters

M4V Series

W75×H25mm Digital graphic panel meter for mosaic panel
Analog type

TA Series

Convenient & Precise with MICOM & PID Temperature Control Algorithm


Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial
No data.

L2RR-L3 Series

Ø22/25 FLAT TYPE Pilot lamps

L3RF-L3 Series

Ø30 FLAT TYPE Pilot lamps (Flush)
Emergency switch protective shroud

SA-EG Series

Emergency switches protective shroud
Start push button switches

S2BR-P1 Series

Ø22/25 Start push button switches(Non-Flush)
Scaling meter

M4NS/M4YS Series

DIN W48×H24mm, W72×H36mm Loop powered digital scaling meter
Transmission Coupler

PET18-5 Series

Transmission Coupler
Geared type

AK-GB Series

Geared + Brake built-in type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor

AK-G Series

Geared type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor
2-phase intelligent type drivers

MD2U-ID20 Series

2-Phase Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver
Intelligent Display Type

DS/DA Series

Up to 24 digits expandable and one touch connection & replacement
Freezing/Defrost temperature controller

TC3YF Series

DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller
U-shaped type

BUP Series

Reinforced Plastic Case U-Shaped Type Photoelectric Sensor
Analog input type

SRPH1 Series

Analog Input type SSR with Phase • Cycle Control

ABS Series

Optimized solution to operate diverse loads using PLC output signals
Junction Box

PT Series

Junction Box
Rotary actuator type

AK-R Series

Rotary Actuator Type 5-Phase Stepper Motor
Waterproof cap

SA-WP/WL Series

Ø22/25 Water proof cap
5_point input type

T4WM Series

Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication
Heatsink integrated type

SRH1 Series

High reliable SSR with 4,000VAC dielectric strength
Cylindrical type

BR Series

Cylindrical photoelectric sensors
Digital panel meters

Volt meter Series

M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series

Ampere meter Series

M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series

Watt meter Series

M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series

Tacho/Speed meter Series

M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series

Digital Scaling meter Series

M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series
Display the power factor

M4W-P Series

DIN W96×H48mm, Digital panel meter for display power factor
Liquid level type

BL Series

Superior Sensing Performance in Compact Design

Connector Cables (Socket-Plug / Plug-Plug Types) Series

Connector Cables (Socket-Plug / Plug-Plug Types)

Connector Cable (Socket / Plug Type) Series

Connector Cables (Socket / Plug Types)
Locking ring wrench

SA-LH Series

Ø22/25(Non-Flush), Ø30(Flush) Locking handle for switches
Rotary actuator + brake built-in type

AK-RB Series

Rotary Actuator + Brake built-in type 5-Phase Stepper Motor
Temperature/humidity sensors

THD Series

Indoor, Duct & Wall mounting type Temperature/Humidity transducer
Digital type


Indication type only, Various sizes

T3S/T3H/T4M/T4L Series

Digital switch setting type, temperature controller

T3HS/T3HA/T4MA/T4LA Series

ALARM, SUB output type

T4LP Series

Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller