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Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer - Autonics-241 DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller - Autonics
Temperature Controllers
TC3YF Series Print
DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller
Freezing / Defrost temperature controller TC3YF series is high reliability temperature controller to protect the object inside the chillers via compressor output so that compressor operation cycle and ON ratio can be set even if errors occurs. This series also prevents loss of frozen efficiency with defrost function to remove frozen ice or frost in the freezer, and increases the efficiency of frozen through various delay time setting.

Product Detail Data sheet 3D CAD Data
Main features

● ON/OFF Control
● Input specification - Basic specification: NTC(Thermistor), Option: RTD(DPt100Ω)
● Temperature display range
NTC sensor type: -40.0 to 99.9℃(-40 to 212°F)
RTD sensor type: -99.9 to 99.9℃(-148 to 212°F)
● Supports varioius delay functions for utilize freezing
Auto/Manual Defrost selection function, Start-up delay of compressor, Re-operation delay, Minimum ON time, Delay of defrost-end, Operation delay of evaporation-fan
● Input correction function
● Enable to set operation period for protecting compressor in error.