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  •   Autonics will hold 'Autonics Virtual Exhibition' from July 12 and continue to operate on its official website. The ‘Autonics Virtual Exhibition’ is a digital exhibition where visitors can view and lean about Autonics various new products and technology online just as if they were touring an actual live exhibition.  The exhibition hall consists of ▲ Industry Application Zone and ▲ New Product Zone. In ▲Industry Application Zone, visitors can experience 5 types of industrial processes, such as semiconductor, automotive, injection molding, elevator and packaging industries. And also, visitors will have chance to see how Autonics products and technologies are applied according to detailed processes in each industry. In ▲ New Product Zone, visitors can feel as if they were in a live exhibition with various hands-on experience of our three dimensional digital contents from Digital Showroom. It provides dozens of Autonics products in 3D image and various contents such as videos and promotional materials. Autonics Virtual Exhibition offers a total of 10 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and more proving customized support to various regions. Please give us a lot of interest and support. [Visit Autonics Virtual Exhibition]

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  • ▲ Discontinued Products Page   Autonics will be offering a new service on the website allowing users to search for discontinued products and replacement models for the discontinued products. You can find the new service under the Services>Customer Service menu. Website visitors can easily search for discontinued products by entering the model number or by using the product category filter. The search results include product models that can be used as replacement models for the discontinued products. We hope that this new service will offer more convenience to our users searching for information on our discontinued products. {text-align:center;} Discontinued Products

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  • Please register for Autonics website membership to enjoy special benefits and services offered only to registered users, including product comparison, product education/training, technical document downloads, and more. Please refer to the information below for a detailed description of services offered only to Autonics website members.   1. Product Specification Comparison Registered users can use the new “Smart Bar” service on the bottom of the website, to compare detailed product specifications of over 32,000 product models.   2. Recently Viewed Products and Interested Products Registered users can also use the “Smart Bar” service to keep track of all recently viewed products and interested products for 180 days.   3. Product, Support, and Document Inquiries Autonics website members can also make product and repair inquiries, request catalogs and documents, submit product proposals, and inquire about product prices through the website. You can also keep track of all activities through the My Autonics page on the website.   4. Product Education/Training and Seminars Autonics website members can register for scheduled free product education/training programs and various seminars through the website. (Training and seminar schedules are subject to change)   5. Training Certificate of Completion Members who have completed product training from Autonics will receive authorized certificate of completion for the courses.   6. Product Repair Service Users can track the status of their product repairs on the website (Only available in select regions/countries)   7. Download History Registered users can keep track of their download history for catalogs, documentation, 2D/3D CAD files, firmware updates, and more. Notifications are also available for latest document and firmware updates. (Download history is available for 90 days)  

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  • Do you still need to type the address just to open a website? That’s so last year! Right now you can open Autonics’ website on your cellphone through a more compact and simple shortcut. Just follow these steps below, and Autonics web’s shortcut will appear on your phone. No more typing long web address, you can get plenty of informations about Autonics products in the palm of your hand with just one click away. Autonics, just click it!  

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  •   To our valued partners and customers,   We would like to remind you that Autonics headquarter offices will be closed from Saturday, September 26th  to Tuesday, September 29th in observance of Korean Thanksgiving Holidays.   Please feel free to contact us regarding any requests or inquiries before the holidays.  We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.   Sincerely,   Autonics Marketing Communications Team

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  •   Autonics cordially invites you to the 13th edition of the international plastics and packaging industry trade fair, PLASTI & PACK 2015, scheduled for September 1 – 3, in Karachi, Pakistan. With a unique distinction of completing 12 years in succession in the service of plastic packaging industry, PLASTI&PACK PAKISTAN has evolved into the most accomplished sourcing trade event in Pakistan for the stakeholders of plastic packaging & printing industries. PLASTI&PACK 2015 is going to display the future trends of Pakistan's plastic packaging industry harnessed through latest technological advancements by some of the leading names of local & global plastic packaging and raw material trade.                                                                                                                                                                           – Autonics will be represented at the event by our partner Jubilee Corporation from Pakistan. In this event, Autonics will showcase a diverse line-up of automation products and services optimized for plastic and packaging industries. We will be showcasing various types of sensors, temperature controllers, counters, HMIs, motion devices, and many more devices aimed to increase production and process efficiency for plastic and packaging processes. Please visit Autonics and Jubilee Corporation at Booth 2-115 in Hall 2 of Karachi Expo Centre, for an in-depth look into our technology and products. Come and see how you can raise your production quality and efficiency with our automation and process control devices. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the venue. PLASTI & PACK 2015 - Period : September 1 - 3, 2015 - Venue : Karachi Expo Centre - Location : Karachi, Pakistan - Autonics Booth : No. 2-115 (Hall 2) - Event Website :   

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  •   Autonics cordially invites you to the 6th edition of IEEEP Fair, scheduled for August 11 – 13, 2015, in Karachi, Pakistan. The 6th IEEEP Fair 2015 is the biggest electrical, electronics and allied engineering industrial exhibition in Pakistan, showcasing the largest collection of industrial merchandise and services. Exhibitors from Pakistan and neighboring countries will be at the event to display various new products and demonstrate new technology and equipment. Autonics will be represented at the event by our partner Jubilee Corporation from Pakistan. In this event, Autonics will showcase a diverse line-up of industrial automation products and process control devices for various industries and sectors. We will be showcasing various sensors, temperature controllers, counters, HMIs, motion devices, and many more devices aimed to increase production and process efficiency across many platforms, including electrical and electronics industries. Please visit Autonics and Jubilee Corporation at booth 64 and 65 in Hall 1 of Karachi Expo Centre, for an in-depth look into our technology and products. Come and see how you can raise your production quality and efficiency with our automation and process control devices. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the venue. IEEEP FAIR 2015 - Period : August 11 – 13, 2015 - Venue : Karachi Expo Centre - Location : Karachi, Pakistan - Autonics Booth : No. 64, 65 (HALL 1) - Event Website :   

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  •   We would like to remind you that our headquarter offices in South Korea will be closed from Wednesday, February 18 – Sunday, February 22, in observance of Lunar New Year.   We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause.   Happy Lunar New Year!  

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  • Autonics Corporation has completed the construction of its new corporate headquarters in Seokdae industrial complex on August 22, 2014.   From the ground-breaking ceremony on January 30, 2013, the new facility took about 17 months to complete. The 7-story building with a single level basement was completed on a 17,560m² building site with a total floor space of 29,688m². Autonics headquarters and manufacturing facility from Yangsan (with the exception of some divisions) and the R&D center for controllers from Banyeodong, Busan, have relocated to the newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility.   The manufacturing capacity has been expanded dramatically to accommodate the growing global demand of Autonics products. The new facility also features a 694m² automated warehousing system and 500m² standard warehouse space for improved inventory and shipping management to provide competitive products for the end users.   The ground floor also features a new exhibition hall “” where visitors can learn about the history of Autonics and experience various product demonstrations. Also, free technical education seminars will be held in the newly constructed education center beginning in September.   The new complex also features fitness center, employee lounges, auditorium, gymnasium, and an outdoor field to provide accommodations for the employees. Autonics will use the construction of the new headquarters as a cornerstone for growth, and all employees will work collectively to achieve our mid-long term goal of becoming “Global Autonics.”   

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  •   You can search discontinued products from Autonics   Please contact the number below for any inquiries regarding our discontinued products.   Technical support email :   Autonics promises to listen to your comments and do our best to provide complete customer satisfaction. Thank you.      

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  • Autonics has completed the incorporation of its Mexico office, so that new sales corporation ‘AUTONICS MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.’ had been launched on December 2nd, 2013. Autonics Mexico always appreciates your concern and encouragement. We will make sure to hear from every single Mexico customer with quicker services and reliable products in order to pay you back all your support. Please note that its new address and other contact details. New address : Av. Doctor Gustavo Baz Prada no. 98 Int. 7a Fracc. Industrial Alce Blanco, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México C.P. 53370 Contact (same) : Tel : (52) 55-5207-0019 / 5533-8927 / 6389-3375 Fax : (52) 55-1663-0712 e-mail :

    Posted on : 9 years ago2013.12.17 4:31:20 Views : 9,630
  • 3D CAD data download service open We kindly inform all our customers around the world that 3D CAD data service will be provided on the web for a more convenient applications. The data will be provided in a total of 26 different formats including SolidWorks, CATIA, Auto 3D CAD which is the most commonly used, So you can download the proper file fitting your environment. We believe that this service helps you in your work place and we will continuously do our best for our Customer Satisfaction.  

    Posted on : 10 years ago2013.11.11 14:13:56 Views : 10,312
  • Upgraded Version for Integrated Device Management Program, DAQMaster   Upgraded version of DAQMaster has been released. DAQMaster is an integrated device management program that can be applied to Autonics’ temperature controllers, panel meters, counters and process automation equipments such as recorders and indicators. Experience a greater performance by downloading from the archives. 1. DAQMaster Latest Version : Version 1.7.1 (Built on 2013.08.31, 2345) 2. Upgrade Details : [ADD] DDE Client Device Series [MOD] Delete Max/Min indication from color map run time screen [BUG] Fix unsaved files when program turns off during log on [ADD] Configure and display top/bottom/baseline in analysis program graphs and run time graphs [ADD] Automatic scaling function of y-axis of graphs [MOD] Analysis program screen comes before DAQMaster when data log is viewed [MOD] Fix disappearing data when data keeping is selected after configuring on run time graph screen [BUG] Data analysis program : Fix errors when data file is dragged and dropped from explorer Please click the link below to download upgraded version of DAQMaster.    

    Posted on : 10 years ago2013.09.16 6:56:17 Views : 10,037
  • Konics proudly announces the release of new upgraded version of KRN 100 Series firmware. For a greater performance, please download the application from the archive below. 1. Firmware Upgrade Details [MOD] Channels set up as OFF from NPUTSETUP – LCD/Paper Record menu appearing in log files 2. Latest Version :  Firmware V20130605 3. Applicable Models KRN100 Series  

    Posted on : 10 years ago2013.07.04 7:10:9 Views : 7,926
  • Autonics proudly announces the release of new upgraded version of the firmware for logic/touch screen panels (LP/GP-S070 Series). Experience a greater performance by downloading from the archives. 1. Firmware Upgrade Details - Universal Changes in GP-S070 / LP-S070 [ADD] Installation of 7-inch multi-lingual file (System Screen : English/English applied) [MOD] Screen freezing when repetitive tag error messages appear during value input [MOD] Main body freezing when key window is shut down after error messages from password setup screen [MOD] Screen freezing during repetitive input of control recipe [MOD] Screen freezing during transition attempts to setup page using screen transition device - Changes in LP-S070 [MOD] Abnormal operation while operating motion via 422 communication port [MOD] Errors while sensing motion reset point [MOD] Errors in current value of LP count in case of power failure 2. Latest Version : Firmware V1.05 -> Firmware V1.07 3. Applicable Models : LP-S070-T9D6, LP-S070-T9D7, GP-S070-T9D6, GP-S070-T9D7 Series  

    Posted on : 10 years ago2013.07.03 14:15:9 Views : 8,012
  • Autonics plans to step up as ‘Global Top 10’ brand in industrial automation by 2020. To meet this target, we are investing 18% of manpower in R&D who gathers efforts to achieve technological competitive advantage and we are also investing 10% of annual revenues in R&D. In this sense, we are releasing over 100 new products every year and are aggressively targeting overseas markets with 11 overseas corporations and local sales agencies in over 100 countries.As a World Class 300 company, Autonics will be receiving R&D monetary support and customized marketing and manpower supports from 17 consultative support institutions. All staffs of Autonics will take this designation of World Class 300 as an opportunity to fuel up our efforts in working towards meeting the target of ‘Global Top 10’. Your endless and unstinting encouragement and support mean we can grow further.

    Posted on : 10 years ago2013.05.08 14:36:47 Views : 6,998
  • We are proudly announcing relocation of our Autonics Indonesia headquarters to a new company-owned building in Timur, south of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia on 29 Mar 2013 (Fri) following consistent thriving of Indonesian business. This new building is a 3-story unit located in 520㎡ site with total floor area of 720㎡. Timur, where the new office stands, is a city renowned for easy access and is located near the toll gate of a highway which connects Jakarta in all directions. The relocation of Indonesia Office is especially meaningful as it is the first time an overseas office among 11 overseas operations excluding China is relocating to a company owned building ever since Autonics launched foreign businesses in 1996. Indonesia Office is the first overseas corporation of Autonics. And with a rapid growth of 30~40% recently, we are showing record growth rates ever since establishment and are fast getting after China for the top position in overseas sales. Autonics Indonesia plans to take this relocation and expansion of the company office as an opportunity to renovate technological education center and to fortify customer service by providing technological education and seminars to customers and staffs. Furthermore, we promise to engage in strengthening close contact marketing regimes to increase workforce in sales and CS area to stimulate sales and make improvements in customer service. New Address : Ji.Dewi Sartika No.171, Jakarta Timur Phone/Fax Numbers : Phone) 62-21-8088-8815 Fax) 62-21-8088-4440 E-mail)  

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  • We kindly inform you that HQs of Autonics Japan(Autonics Japan Co., Ltd.) will be relocated on Jan. 10th, 2013 as follow. ▶ New address 645-1, MIKKAMACHI, MINOWA-MACHI, KAMINA-GUN, NAGANO-KEN 399-4603 JAPAN ▶ New contact - Tel: 0265-79-8570 (81-265-79-8570) - Fax : 0265-79-2442 (81-265-79-2442) - Email : We always appreciate your concern and encouragement. We would keep in touch with every single customer in Japan.   

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  • Autonics upgraded an integrated device management program DAQMaster for Temperature controllers/ Meter/ Counters of Autonics and Recorders and Indicators of Konics, one of Autonics sister companies. Please download upgraded version DAQMaster from archives.  1. Latest version, DAQMaster : Version 1.5.3 (Build by 2012.10.22 2229) 2. Upgrade contents: [Add] KRN100 Device Series [Modify] Docking capabilities of the screen [Modify] After installing, modify an error bug of runtime screen when adding pannel [Modify] Modify a time bug of graph screen from data analysis program [Add] Add an event log function [Add] Add recording time/ end/ recording display of DAQ list from data analysis program [Bug] Date analysis program: when date drops from DAQ list to spread, modify bug that do not display data. [Bug] Date analysis program: modify error bug when data file drops from explorer [Add] CVS data file, Time, Date -> Date/Time/Date [Add] Add Preview stored data while data logging  

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  • Autonics newly launching the local newsletter Autonics is pleased to inform all the customers around the world that Autonics will be publishing the quarterly local Newsletter [Autonics (country) Newsletter] introducing our latest products & solutions, local & corporate news, upcoming events & success stories, etc. It will be issued 4 times in 2012, the first trial year, and it could be increased in yearly volumes afterward, and you may have them as a print copies and/or at our local websites by the choice of the local sales corporations. Autonics expects that this local newsletter will be helpful for our customers around the world, and any opinion of yours would be much appreciated for any improvement. Please click below to find the first issue of [Autonics USA Newsletter] of Spring, 2012.  

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