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Make Life Easy

Our corporate slogan "Make Life Easy" illustrates our commitment to make life easier for our customers and to make the world more convenient.
It is our promise to bring new technology and services that will offer differentiated value to our customers and the society.


Make Life Easy: Solutions to Simplify Industrial Processes

The evolution of the industry is based on increased demand for flexibility and convertibility in manufacturing processes,
to make production more efficient and processes more simple.

Industry has progressed rapidly with mechanization, steam and water power of the First Industrial Revolution and mass production and electric power of the Second Revolution to computers and information technology of the Third Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already in progress,
a cyber-physical system involving artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and enhanced communication technology.

"Industrial automation" has always been a key component of change and has led the way for success at every stage of the industrial revolutions.

Automation specialist Autonics offers a wide range of products from all three core components of automation: sensors, controllers, and actuators, leading the change and development of the industry. In addition to automation products, Autonics also offers various software that help simplify automation processes and customized solution services to meet individual customer needs, offering differentiated customer value.

We will continue to build on our technology and solutions to make industrial processes easier and more flexible and to make production more efficient.
We promise to lead the way in today's industry and the changes moving forward.

Make Life Easy: Solutions to Make The World More Convenient

"Automation" reduces physical labor and raises process efficiency, improving human health, helping the environment, and raising the overall quality of life. Automation is no longer limited to industrial processes, and has seamlessly been integrated into all areas of life.

Automation has opened doors for higher work efficiency and productivity, breakthroughs in science and medicine, and has reshaped our lifestyles and way of thinking, making the world more convenient and safer for everyone. Automation solutions from Autonics also offers values outside industrial applications. Our technology is also applied in day-to-day automation devices including elevators, screen doors, ATM machines, CCTVs, and electronic office equipment.

Moving forward, we also plan to expand our automation solutions to diverse fields including smart farming, healthcare, transportation & mobility, aerospace, robotics, and artificial intelligence, to help improve the overall quality of life.

Our corporate mission is to enrich the quality of human lives by delivering new values that will make the world more convenient. To accomplish our goal, we will continue to deliver technology innovations in all areas of automation and life, to help guide the world forward in a better direction.