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Autonics R&D

Autonics R&D
Autonics, Technology Changes the World

Autonics' values

Autonics' values may not be readily apparent,
but they are permeated into every aspect of our lives.
To create a convenient and better world, Autonics is accelerating our efforts
to secure technological capabilities even at this very moment.
Now, it is our turn to expand beyond Korea and into the world.
We hope you will join us on the R&D journey of Autonics, the icon of innovation.

Autonics R&D

Autonics has been leading the domestic automation market
based on our proprietary technology
At the center of our technology, there is Autonics R&D Center in Seoul. Autonics has expanded the horizon of research one step further which is the core of technological power that will lead the next 100 years of Autonics.
  • Core Technology
    Core Technology
    Possess core technology including hardware, software, circuit design, optical technology, control device algorithm and platform technology
  • Technological Competitiveness
    Technological Competitiveness
    100% proprietary technology throughout the entire development from research, design, commercialization, certification and mass production
  • R&D Investment
    R&D Investment
    Invests approximately 11% of annual revenue to R&D with over 21% of total employees dedicated to R&D
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Infrastructure for strategic IP creation of original technology
  • Excellent Research Environment
    Excellent Research Environment
    500 units of production, research and development equipment
  • Advanced Product Development
    Advanced Product Development
    Development and mass production of high-end products based on proprietary technology
  • Trustworthy R&D
    Trustworthy R&D
    Selected as an excellent Corporate Research Center in 2019 and 2023 (by the Ministry of Science and ICT)

Quality Control

Quality Control
Autonics boasts high reliability by combining quality innovation
with the best R&D Technology
Quality Control

Autonics TUV Reliability Test Center

autonics reliability center
Autonics achieves customer satisfaction with
our quality management philosophy that pursues perfection.
Thorough product quality and reliability testing at our Reliability Center,
Autonics products promise high global quality standards.
tuv center
Autonics is doing its best to produce highly reliable products
through intensive quality management.
Autonics operates a top-level reliability test center and achieve intensive quality verification with cutting-edge quality testing equipment. Autonics strives to provide highly reliable products by obtaining various international quality certification standards.
Autonics Reliability Center
  • 1,261m2
  • Field Environment Test
  • Life-cycle Test
  • Reliability Test
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Test
  • Safety Test
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
  • UL Certified Safety Laboratory
  • Complex Environment Laboratory
  • Performance Test Laboratory
  • X-ray Analysis Laboratory
  • Climatic Environment Laboratory
Autonics ensures the highest level of product standard
with various certifications around the world.
The product certification service allows you to easily find
your products that meet your requirements.

We Move On Smart Factory

We Move On Smart Factory|
State-of-the-art Smart Factory
We Move On Smart Factory

State-of-the-art Smart Factory

Autonics is striving to establish
state-of-the-art smart factories
with the application of AI/Big Data and
Digital Twin, enabling real-time remote control.
state-of-the-art smart factories
state-of-the-art smart factories