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Terms & conditions / Privacy statement

Effective : 2017. 12. 27.

Chapter 1 Generals

Article 1 Objectives

These terms and conditions of Autonics (“Company”) specify the conditions and procedure of using all services provided by the website in compliance with the Telecommunications Business Act and its enforcement decree.

Article 2 Definitions

“Users” are members and non-members who get the services provided by the website according to these terms and conditions when they are connected to the website.

“Members” are those who are registered as members by providing their personal information to the website. They are continually provided with the information from the website, and can use the services provided by the website.

“Non-members” are those who are not registered as the members but use the services provided by the website of the Company.

Article 3 Effect and changes

The Terms and Conditions take effective when they are posted on the initial service screen of the website of the Company for information of the users.

The Company may change the Terms and Conditions if there is any change in the situation or operation as long as the change does not violate the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions and related laws. In this case, the changes shall be specified along with the date of application, cause of revision and contents of changes and they shall be posted on the initial service screen of the website from 7 days prior to the application date to the date immediately prior to the application data.

The terms and conditions which are changed according to 2 above take effective in a way specified in 1 above.

Article 4 Rules other than terms and conditions

Any matters not specified in the terms and conditions shall follow the related laws as long as they are described in them.

Chapter 2 Membership and use of services

Article 1. Making the service use agreement

The agreement on the use of the service on the Company’s website is made when a user applies for the use of the services, the Company accepts the application and the User expresses his agreement on these Terms and Conditions.

If the Company accepts the user’s application for the use of the services on the website, the Company shall inform the user of the member ID and others which the Company thinks are required.

The Company does not accept the application for use of the service in any of the followings.

  • a. When the application is made in the name of other person,
  • b. When the applicant does not use his own real name,
  • c. When the application form was falsely filled in.
  • d. When the application is made with the purpose of damaging the order or stability of the community

Article 2 Use and restricted use of services

The service on the company’s website is available in 24/7, 365/a year as long as there is no problem in the operational or technical matters in the Company.

The use time of the service specified above may be restricted with the prior notice to the members if the restriction is required due to the regular checking/replacement of the information and communication system.

In case of the suspension of the service specified in 2 above, the company may give the notice to each members via email address or for unknown many members, replace the individual notice with the posting it on the bulletin board for more than 1 week.

Chapter 3 Obligations

Article 1 Obligations of the Company

The Company shall make the service available to the member at the date when the applicable service starts unless otherwise specified.

The Company is liable to provide the service in a continual and stable way as specified in the Terms and Conditions.

The Company shall handle the opinion presented by the members according to the specified procedure and if a certain period is required to handle, it shall inform the members of the cause and delay and the schedule.

The Company shall keep the information on members confidential and shall use it for the purposes of operating the quality service and improving the service including the introduction of the Company. It shall not use it for purposes other than specified here nor assign it to any third group or entity.

Article 2 Obligations of member

The member is responsible for controlling his ID and password.

The member shall not allow any third person to use his ID and password.

If the member thinks that his ID or password is stolen or is used by a third party, it shall inform the Company of the fact.

The member shall comply with the matters specified in the Terms and Conditions and the related laws.

The user shall not act the followings.

  • - Registration of false contents in case of application or changes
  • - Change in the information posted on the Company’s website
  • - Transmission or posting of the information other than described in the Company’s website
  • - Infringement of intellectual property rights such as Company’s website or other third party’s copyright
  • - Acts which would defame the prestige of the Company or a third party or inhibits its works
  • - Acts which disclose or post the obscene or violent message, movie, sound or information which is in violation of public order

Chapter 4 Termination of service use or restriction of its use

Article 1 Termination of service use or restriction of its use

If a member wants to terminate the service use agreement, he shall apply for the termination of the service use agreement on the Autonics’ website. In this case, the member shall enter his name, ID and password and use the termination menu on the website before selecting the “terminate the membership”.

If a member wants to terminate the service use agreement, the member shall enter his name, ID and password. If he selects the “terminate the membership” on the menu of termination, the service use agreement is terminated.

If you cannot log in using the ID or password, it means you’re your membership is stopped or the service use agreement is terminated. Once ID is terminated, it cannot be used again.

If a member is put into one of the following cases, the Company may terminate the service use agreement or stop the service for a significant period without prior notice.

  • a. if the member is in violation of public order or good tradition
  • b. if the member gets involved in criminal acts
  • c. the member uses the service with the purpose of damaging the national interest or social benefits
  • d. the member steals the ID and password from others,
  • e. the member defames the other persons or gives disadvantages to them
  • f. the same user makes the dual registration with different ID,
  • g. the man obstructs the sound use of the service,
  • h. the man violates the related laws or the conditions of use specified by the Company.

Article 2 Procedure for lifting the restricted use of service

If the Company plans to restrict the use of service, it shall designate the cause, date and time and inform them to the member or agent using the mail or telephone. If the Company urgently needs to stop the service, it may restrict the service without conducting the notice described above.

If the member or his agent is notified of the news on the stop of the service as described above, he may file a claim on the stop of the service.

If the cause of stopping the service is confirmed to have been removed, the Company shall immediately life the stop of the service.

(Additional provision) The terms and conditions take effective on May 1, 2018.

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