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Make Life Easy

Autonics MISSION

Autonics enriches the quality of human lives
by creating new values that will make the world more convenient.

Autonics MISSION

Autonics, as Korea's leading industrial automation company,
contributes to industries, the world and human lives
by developing and providing better automation solutions.
Autonics takes the lead in creating convenient world
under sustainable growth by supplying various products
and taking social responsibilities.

autonics MISSION

  • For a better life
    For a better life
    Autonics dreams of a convenient life for everyone. Beyond the automation industry, Autonics is now making a more convenient life for all of us.
  • And more convenient world
    And more convenient world
    Autonics dreams of a prosperous life for everyone. Autonics influenced each individual positively in many ways and is now beyond personal enrichment and leads to the enrichment of all humanity.
  • We make new values
    We make new values
    Autonics dreams of creating new value. Autonics, we are not afraid of failure and challenge, continue innovation by creating differentiated value.


To become the industry's leading provider of automation products
by delivering key customer values through Autonics ORANGE Solutions

ORANGE Solutions

ORANGE Solutions
ORANGE Solutions
The primary values offered to our customers through our products and services. These values include optimized performance, high reliability, advanced technology, new products and services, globally competitive products, and maximum efficiency.
  • Optimized Solution
    Optimized Solution
    We maximize efficiency with optimized solutions in industry.
  • Advanced Solution
    Advanced Solution
    We lead the market with the advanced solutions that are one step ahead of others.
  • Global Solution
    Global Solution
    We become a global standard and leap forward as a trustworthy company.

Make Life Easy

Make Life Easy
Autonics' corporate slogan, Make Life Easy,
embodies the company's will to create a better world
by making customers' lives easier and more convenient
Make Life Easy

Make Life Easy

    Autonics researches and develops a wide range of products ranging from sensors, controllers, actuators and software. We provided differentiated customized service to each individual.
    Automation has influenced the convenient lives of many people, not only in industries but also in daily lives. We will advance into various future automation fields such as smart city, mobility, and artificial intelligence and lead the path toward a more convenient world.
    Autonics promises a new world to our customers with our mission of creating a better world. We will provide differentiated value that contributes to our customers' lives and society with specialized technology and services.

Our values

Our Values
Our Values
The eight core values reflect the identity of Autonics
: our principles, beliefs, and philosophy.
Autonics CI
Autonics CI
Autonics Corporate Identity


Autonics fosters a happy family, healthy company and a better society.
Rooted in our people-centric philosophy, we place a strong emphasis
on cultivating empathy and effective communication.