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sustainable management

We create sustainable value for
a better world.
Autonics goes beyond developing good technology and products
and dreams of a happy life for the environment, society, and all members.

sustainable management

Autonics is making various efforts to
enrich human life through sustainable management.
We are moving toward a better world for
the environment we pass on to future generations,
a happy society, a fair and transparent company.

sustainable management

  • Environment
    For Environment

    Autonics is implementing various policies to contribute
    to protecting the global environment by
    establishing an eco-friendly management system.

    We strive to minimize any environmental pollution
    generated during production.

  • Social
    For Society

    Autonics pursues a happy life for all members of society.

    In addition to ensuring a safe workplace, through social contribution, we pursue the interests of society as a whole.

  • Governance
    For Business Ethics

    Autonics implements solid ethical management and pursues anti-corruption and integrity management.

    We strive to spread an ethical culture.