Increase Control System Safety
    with Force Guided Contacts

    Safety Relay Terminal Blocks SFT Series

    Compact size for space-saving installation

  • LPD

    High precision detection of
    linear movement and position

    Inductive Linear Positioning Sensors LPD Series

    High durability for application in harsh environments

  • BD

    Stable Measurement of
    Reflective or Transparent Materials

    Laser Displacement Sensor BD Series

    Regular reflective type available for
    measurement of reflective or transparent objects

  • UTR

    Detect and Measure Various Target Material
    with Ultrasonic Sensing

    with Ultrasonic Sensing UTR Series

    Accurate and Precise Detection with
    Temperature Tracking and Various Filters

  • TN

    ±0.2% High Display Accuracy with

    2-DOF PID Temperature Controllers TN Series

    Program Control and Fixed Control Models
    Optimized for Various Control Applications

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Sensors are commonly used components in automation used to detect changes in the environment and transmit the information electronically

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Field Instruments

Field instruments including pressure and temperature transmitters measure and transmit important data in industrial applications and other diverse settings. Field instruments including pressure and temperature transmitters measure and transmit important data in industrial applications and other diverse settings.

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Machine Vision

Machine vision smart camera systems offer ideal machine vision solutions for identifying various objects during manufacturing processes.

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Safety products are installed in potentially dangerous or hazardous areas to safeguard personnel from injury and protect equipment from damage.

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Controllers are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust or maintain desired outputs of specific processes within a desired range

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Power Electronics

Power electronics, including switching mode power supplies, solid state relays, and power controllers, help maintain stable and efficient power supply.

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Motion Devices

Motion devices are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy acting as actuators in automation processes

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Industrial Networking

Industrial networking devices allow communication between devices using various protocols such as Ethernet, offering safe transmission of real-time data to control systems.

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Connectivity is communication devices used to send and receive signals or data between the environment and information processing systems

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Extensive range of control switches are available including push buttons, selector switches, emergency switches, pilot lights, buzzers, and more

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Autonics software allows users to configure parameters, monitor status, program control processes with various Autonics devices

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  • Automotive

    Automotive manufacturing industry is one of the world's most important economic sectors and features various processes including casting, molding, forging, heat treatment, press, welding, and painting. Car production includes manufacturing and assembly of about 30,000 individual parts and requires extreme precision and advanced technology. Autonics products are widely used in various automotive manufacturing and assembly processes, offering highly reliable and efficient solutions for the industry.

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  • Packaging Industry

    Packaging industry includes the process of enclosing or packaging products to ensure protection and preservation of products. Packaging process requires precision and high efficiency and is often completed on automation lines. Packaging line automation is increasingly improving with changes to technical capabilities, safety and labor requirements, maintainability, effciency and productivity. To meet the quickly changing industry requirements, Autonics offers various solutions for the packaging industry including vision sensors, color mark sensors, presence sensors, temperature controllers and more. These products offer ideal solutions for the packaging industry with high efficiency and precision.

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  • Elevator Industry

    Elevator industry includes the building of conveyor devices used to life materials or persons in a continuous stream. It is an essential and integral device used in commercial and residential buildings, as well as industrial purposes. Autonics offers a diverse range of products including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, rotary encoders, HMIs and control switches, to provide safe and reliable solutions for the elevator industry.

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  • Plastics/Rubber Industry

    Plastic and rubber industry includes the engineering and processing of plastics and rubber, widely used in diverse industries including packaging, construction, automotive, medical equipment and more. Autonics products can be applied in various processes including injection molding, extrusion molding, press machines, and more. Autonics temperature controllers, pressure sensors, vision sensors, and encoders offer accurate temperature control, exact pressure measurement and management, precise movement control and inspection for highly efficient and reliable control during plastics and rubber processing.

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  • Semiconductor/Display Industry

    Semiconductor industry includes design and fabrication of semiconductor devices and the display industry is the manufacturing of various types of displays used in consumer and industrial electronics. Due to the high demand of goods and fast evolving technology in these industries, precision, reliability, efficiency, and safety are all key factors. Autonics offers a diverse range of high performance, ultra-compact, high precision products that fulfill the requirements of these industries. Our products can be applied in various processes including sputtering, metal layering, integrated circuit packaging, cleaning, assembly, and more.

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  • Food/beverage Manufacturing

    Food industry includes the processing and distribution of food products, which incorporates manufacturing and processing, packaging, and logistics. Modern food production incorporates various sophisticated technologies from diverse industries. Autonics offers a diverse range of corrosion-resistant, durable products that can be applied during food and beverage manufacturing, including raw ingredient processing, cleaning and sanitization, mass production, distribution, and more.

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  • Machine Tools Industry

    Machine tools industry is the production of machines for shaping or machining metal by cutting, boring, grinding, or shearing. Machine tools must meet strict standards, quality, and performance, thus requiring high precision and efficiency during manufacturing. 

    Autonics offers various products for the machine tools industry, from oil-resistant, spatter-resistant sensors to multi-axis, multi-function motion control. With high durability and precision, Autonics products offer highly efficient application in the machine tools industry.

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  • Logistics Industry

    Logistics industry includes the handling process of goods from point of origin to consumption. It integrates functions of material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, and warehousing. Recent advances in logistics automation have dramatically improved efficiency of logistics operations. Autonics offers a diverse range of products to help improve the speed, accuracy, safety and efficiency of logistics operations and raise productivity for various users.

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  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry

    Medical equipment industry includes devices designed to aid in treatment of medical conditions and improve the lives of people. Pharmaceutical industry includes production and packaging of pharmaceutical drugs for use as medication. The industries are closely connected with health and well-being of lives and thus requires reliable components during production. Autonics provides various high performance products to fit the automation processes of the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries, offering solutions to improve the quality of lives.

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  • Water/Wastewater Industry

    Water and wastewater industry include water purification, treatment, intake, treatment, and discharge of industrial water and wastewater processing. This industry requires various solutions for maintaining high quality water, and to check water flow and leaks. Autonics provides various solutions to improve water safety and increase efficiency of water treatment.

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  • Oil/Gas Industry

    Oil and gas industry deals with processes such as drilling, production, transportation, processing, refining of natural resources. Since the industry targets oil or gas that is difficult to identify with the naked eye, the need for advanced control and measurement is required. Autonics offers a wide range of products that can help automate processes by providing accurate and precise measurements.

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  • Marine Industry

    Marine industry refers to the engineering industry that includes planning, manufacturing, and installation of various ships, offshore structures, and related equipment. Marine industry is broad and complex, and thus standardization is difficult and requires a lot of collaboration between many fields. Autonics offers durable and reliable products and solutions with our expertise in both factory and process automation.

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  • Metal Industry

    Metal industry includes production of steel products by smelting, refining, and dissolving various metallic minerals such as iron ore and raw coal. This industry forms the basis of various manufacturing fields including machinery, automobiles, construction, shipbuilding, and electronics. Autonics offers optimized solutions for the industry with various products that can withstand high temperatures, shocks, vibrations and corrosion.

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  • Battery Industry

    Battery industry is becoming essential part of the future industry as almost everything is becoming battery-powered. The industry consists of electrode processes that make cathode and anode, assembly processes, and chemical processes that characterize batteries. The industry requires accurate control technology due to the precise application of various technologies, and requires solutions to uniformize battery performance and quality. Autonics offers various products and solutions to improve quality and productivity in these processes.

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  • Power/Energy Industry

    Power and energy industry include production and control of coal, electricity, gas, oil, and nuclear power as well as renewable energy production. As emphasis grows on the importance of safe resource utilization, the industry is concentrating on supplying clean and renewable energy resources to meet the growing demands. Autonics provides measurement and control solutions for a wide variety of energy industries, including solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

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  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical industry produces goods through chemical processing and includes a wide range of fields such as the coal industry, the electricity industry, the petroleum industry, and the synthetic rubber industry. The industry has a risk of explosion due to chemical reactions during raw materials processing. Autonics offers a wide range of products and optimal solutions to enhance safety and performance in potentially hazardous processes.

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